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  June 9, 2011            For Immediate Release                                                                                On-Line Screening for Autism and Mental Health Issues Provides Parents with Immediate Results Contact Person: Anya Moberly (   858-453-9600 ————————————————————————————————————— San Diego, California — Parents and teachers concerned about a child’s mental health and development can now get immediate answers from an online screening with Project SKIP (Screening […]

Hopeful treatment for intellectual disabilities.  Really interesting article in the Los Angeles Times this week on Mynocycline (a medication used to treat acne) and its potential use to treat fragile X.  Of those in the study, 70% of the participants showed improvement in language, behavior, and cognitive function.   These are all behavioral issues that have been […]

I have watched the news a lot lately and I am shocked at the rise in the number of cases they are covering of bullying.    2 guilty pleas, no jail time in Massachusetts bullying suicide case.  This morning I watched as one person suggested the remedy for being taunted for being different, or bullied, was to–well, uh–for the […]

ADHD Study

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are up to three times more likely than other kids to use, abuse or become dependent on substances such as nicotine, cocaine and marijuana in adolescence and as young adults.  Still, it is not inevitable that children with ADHD will abuse drugs.  Parents should stay aware of changes in […]

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