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The first time I saw the video of Jessica Beagley I was shocked.  But as an attorney and psychologist, I knew immediately there was a deeper story here.  I watched several attorneys that morning on the talk show circuit, talking about what a “terrible” mom Beagley was and how “abusive” her behavior was towards the child.  There […]

  June 9, 2011            For Immediate Release                                                                                On-Line Screening for Autism and Mental Health Issues Provides Parents with Immediate Results Contact Person: Anya Moberly (   858-453-9600 ————————————————————————————————————— San Diego, California — Parents and teachers concerned about a child’s mental health and development can now get immediate answers from an online screening with Project SKIP (Screening […]


I have watched the news a lot lately and I am shocked at the rise in the number of cases they are covering of bullying.    2 guilty pleas, no jail time in Massachusetts bullying suicide case.  This morning I watched as one person suggested the remedy for being taunted for being different, or bullied, was to–well, uh–for the […]