Ways To Prevent Summer Brain Drain!

Summer is a time to reconnect with your kids.  Spend time having fun, talking and being outside.  But research also shows that kids can lose skills over the summer if they don’t spend a little time keeping their minds sharp.  So here is my list of fun summer activities that can also prevent “brain drain”.

  1. Consider a special summer program in a new subject. Check out a summer camp in science or a special career path.
  2. Get a library card. Encourage your child to read and make it a family activity. Read together.
  3. Make a neighborhood production. This is my favorite. Let the kids plan a “show” and produce it over the summer months. Help them to plan it, manage it, and create a fun production that is inclusive.
  4. Explore the internet together; Encourage interests and strengths naturally. Check out a particular subject and learn more about it together. For example, learn about your family history through genealogy.
  5. Work on something that is difficult in a new and fun way. Times tables causing angst? Create a funny song together to encourage practice or make it a fun game.
  6. Excursions to parks, museums, or an aquarium. Head to the local exhibits to learn about animal habitats or historical issues in your area.
  7. Get outside and limit TV and the internet. Go for walks together and visit local recreation areas.
  8. Learn to take public transportation. An important skill for older kids, make this into a fun treasure hunt to teach them to navigate the bus or trolley system.
  9. Opportunities to write. Ask for a story, or create a running story where everyone in the family adds a paragraph and see what the result is!
  10. Pick a fun recipe and teach kids to cook (and slip in lessons in math and measurement) the basics.

So there you have it. Please feel free to share your fun ideas. Check out my segment on Fox 5 San Diego discussing some of these tips.   Prevent Brain Drain.